PayPal Payment


Details as follow

Into the website, there are five options you can choose to click to find your human hair.

For Example

First:step 1:Put your mouse on the"BUNDLES PROMOTION",you will see some bundles hair under it.

         step 2:Choose a option to click


Second: step 1:Choose a kind of human hair what you like to click.

Third: step 1:Choose inch what you want .

           step 2:Add quantity .

           step 3:Click "Add to Cart" .

Forth: step 1:Use Discount Code ( if you have )

           step 2:Click "Go to Checkout" ( Credit Card pay or PayPal)

    Or   step 3:Click "PayPal". (easier to pay)

If you Click "Go to Checkout" ,Next

           step 1:Fill in information

           step 2:Add quantity

           step 3:Use Discount Code ( if you have )

           step 4:Click "PLACE ORDER NOW"